9am – 10am – Breakfast / Introduction (LAAH 453)
This session we will give a general introduction to the Consortium by the organizers.  joey will be a brief overview of the culture of the conference and how the day will proceed.

10am – 4pm Retro Gaming Space

10am – 4pm Dungeons and Dragons Beginner Campaigns

10am – 4pm Screen Printing & Art Space (will be closed during collage presentation 1-2:30pm)


Sessions & Workshops

10am – 10:50am Sessions

Comics – RM 503

Title – Comic Books and Identity – A Discussion of Comic Book Fandom and Border Identity

Description – Within this session, Dr. Anthony Ramirez will discuss various forms of identity one can have with comic books including fandom within comic books, and also various comic books and graphic novels that focus on the U.S.-Mexico border and how these artifacts represent border identity.

Presenters – Dr. Anthony Ramirez

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/96727564014?pwd=d2ZjZFVhcmpyMndaMUVkSnZMWU9xdz09

Video Games – RM 551

Title – Teaching Games in the Classroom

Description – If you’ve ever thought about using games in the classroom, then this is for you! Drs. Mills and Kelly will share their experiences and practical advice for teaching games in the classroom. While ideal for classroom teachers, all are invited!   

Presenters – Dr. Regina Mills (TAMU Dept of English) & Dr. Carlos Kelly (Rice Humanities Research Center)

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/97841535815?pwd=VlMxM3FRSHNPY2N6dTVvbW1QUDY3QT09


Popular Culture – RM 326


Title – Approaches to Comics of the Hemispheric Americas

Description – Panelists at the cutting edge of Latinx hemispheric comics studies will discuss and explore themes of borderlands, ecocriticism, indigeneity, decoloniality, and the monstrous.

Presenters -Ana Gutierrez, Samantha Ceballos, Bucky Lemmons

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/94501817628

LGBTQ+ & The Arts – RM504


Title – LGBTQ+ Representation in Contemporary Pop Culture

Description –This talk will focus on analyzing LGBTQ + representation in the field  of graphic novels and TV while giving students some hands-on activities in working with collage and mixed media. Topics for discussion will include: LGBTQ + representation in Alice Oseman’s Heart Stopper, Gaby Rivera’s Juliet Takes a Breathe, Nagabe’s Monotone Blue, Lewis Hancox’s Welcome to St. Hell.

Presenter – Hector Garza

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/96666134424

Journalism – RM463

Title – Social media, news spaces and the lived reality of content producers – Featuring Latinx Spaces & the San Antonio Express news.

Description – What is it like to be the journalist’s, photographers & creators of central Texas news?  In this panel we will explore these themes and more.

Panelists – Luis Vazquez, Rebbeca Macias

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/s/93836485889


New Media – RM535

Title – TAMU Media & Gaming Lab – Students Explore Making Stuff

Description – Media & Gaming Lab Student Panel discuss creating stories of the “other” in the 21st century, their process, tools and lessons learned.

Presenters – Sophie Villarreal, Kali Johnson, Rhett Brady, Rick Pulos, Zayno, Nate Carr

Zoom Link – https://tamu.zoom.us/j/98503273475


11am – 11:50am Sessions

Comics – RM 503

Title – Why Comics?: Students Doing the Work Today

Description – This panel discussion will focus on students who are doing scholarly work with comics.

Presenters – Samantha Ceballos, Ivan Martinez, Camila Núñez-Bergsneider

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/97228047006?pwd=NjFnb2JicHFrOEFUSHVOb1pScFl3dz09


Video Games – RM 551

Title – Black and POC Streamers

Description – Panelists will share their experiences as streamers as well as scholarship in the field. This is meant to be a conversation,so bring  your questions! The panelists will be presenting via Zoom.

Presenters – Kishonna Gray (University of Kentucky Dept of Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies) & Sam Blackmon (Not Your Mama’s Gamer Editor and Co-Founder; Purdue Dept of English)

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/91474556147?pwd=Vy9zczB6RGNNK1duUnY0ZVc3SWwxdz09

Popular Culture – RM 326

Title – Transcoding Transculturated Worldbuilding

Description – Scholars and creatives working to create and shape stories across different media share insights into how ethnoracial knowing leads to nuanced ethnoracial worldbuilding

Presenters – Dr. Frederick Luis Aldama, Moises Hernandez, Bahar Momeni

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/94018585850

LGBTQ+ & The Arts – RM504



Journalism – RM463

Title – 1 hour, 14 minutes, and 8 seconds

Description – This presentation explores an ongoing semester-long project to create a digital archive that memorializes and celebrates the 21 lives lost at Robb Elementary on May 24, 2022. Following Mark Sample’s approach of collaborative construction, students and I will talk about conducting fieldwork to receive feedback from and listen to families and Uvalde community members to inform the work and create a more accurate and just representation that both remembers and celebrates the 21 lives lost, while at the same time creating an archive that pushes us to have honest conversations about gun violence and mental health illness in our communities.

Presenters – Dr. Elena Foulis (TAMU-San Antonio), Maria Eugenia Colbert, Marina Humphrey, Priscila Valdes Álvarez, Mateo Carrasco, Katelynn Alonzo,

Second Presentation:  San Anto on Wheels: Building community, Accessing Leisure, and Taking up Space on Skates

Presenter:  Kimberly Caballero 

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/s/93834683545


New Media – RM535

Title – Love Marketing, a look at the 21st century landscape of local marketing in San Antonio, TX & beyond

Description – Love Marketing is an independent cutting edge marketing company located in San Antonio, TX.  John Frazee, Mark Solis and their consultants will present their latest findings about working in the central Texas market and give insights into tips and tricks of using new media marketing.  

Presenters – John Frazee, Mark Solis

Zoom Link – https://tamu.zoom.us/j/94273676745


12pm – 1pm – Lunch / Participant Introductions


1pm – 2:30pm  Workshops


Comics – RM 503

Title – Design Your Own Comic Book Character!

Description – As a kid and even now, we have always wanted to see a superhero that was representative of who we are as a people. This includes my race, culture, and background. For this workshop, we want you to create a superhero that represents you or someone you would want to read about in a comic book or see in a blockbuster movie. With this assignment, we are creating media instead of just being consumers and audience members. We think it is important for all of us to not only learn and consume mass media, but to also be creators.

Presenters – Dr. Anthony Ramirez and Samantha J Ceballos

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/94780311482?pwd=NkhtdkxsVy9hNy96NzZUSnRHRmRwdz09


Video Games – RM 551

Title – Making Games for Non-Programmers: Twine

Description – Making games can feel really intimidating. But you don’t have to be a computer science major to start making games! There are several super accessible ways to start telling your stories through games. This workshop will introduce you to Twine, “an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.” You can use a laptop or your phone (and build it in an app or your browser). We’ll introduce you to the tools, show sample Twines,  and let you get started on the story you want to create.

Presenters – Dr. Regina Mills (TAMU Dept of English)

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/97320706692?pwd=WmxUQjlnVEg3TjYwSWRNaCtXRmhTQT09


Popular Culture – RM 326

Title – Expressive Hip Hop Sampling in Into the Spider-Verse & Our Mxnhoods

Description – Expressive Hip Hop Sampling in Into the Spider-Verse & Our Mxnhoods” and applies hip hop sampling to analyzing Into the Spider-Verse and exploration of nonwhite mxnhoods. 

Presenters – George Allen Villanueva

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/99651861927


LGBTQ+ & The Arts – RM504

Title – Artist Collage Activity

Description – In this workshop participants will analyze several forms of LGBTQ+ representation in popular culture, specifically in graphic novels, films, and TV shows.

Workshop Leader – Hector Garza 

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/99651861927


Journalism – RM463

Title – Journalism in the 21st Century, Latin X a past and current time of media presenting a moment in time to a micro audience.

Description – Slight history of Latin X storytellers and their mechanics to deliver their information/stories. The responsibility of perfect timing.

Presenters – Kaye Cruz

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/s/96875730037


New Media – RM535

Title – So you got a phone?  Let’s Make Stuff!

Description – Media & Gaming Lab – Producing New Media, from the phone to the cinema camera.  In this workshop TAMU Media & Gaming Lab students will lead you through various hands on experience with media making.  From how to get better shots and audio with your phone, to using mirrorless cine cameras to create narrative films.  

Presenters – Sophie Villarreal, Rick Pulos, Nate Carr, Valentina Aduen

Zoom Link – https://tamu.zoom.us/j/99168518343


2:30pm  – 4:00pm


Comics – RM 503

Title – Analyzing Comic Books 

Description – Within this workshop, Dr. Ramirez and Samantha will discuss 

various methods of analyzing comic books within the classroom.

Presenters – Dr. Anthony Ramirez and Samantha J Ceballos

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/95278487901?pwd=am04bjVMd3BldlY4Z0o4U2x5UEZ6UT09


Video Games – RM 551

Title – Q&A on the Game Industry

Description – In this session, we will have a mix of in-person and online presenters discuss their experiences in different parts of the game industry, such as game development, content creation and community building, and localization. Presenters will provide short introductory remarks but the majority of the session will be driven by questions from the attendees.

Presenters – Hadeel Ramadan (TAMU Dept of Visualization), CJ Peters (Konsole Kingz), Jakejames Lugo (Journalist & Content Creator), Denisse Kreeger (Director of Global Localization, Riot Games)

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/97049049526?pwd=cVJjYjRiYmlydFZicGhLVi9zRFRsZz09

Popular Culture – RM 326

Title – Publishing your ideas

Description – In this workshop Dr. Fredrick Luis Aldama will host an interactive workshops where he will give an overview of publishing for both academia and the public at large and then field questions from participants and collaboratively work through their ideas.

Panelists –  Dr. Fredrick Luis Aldama, Christopher Gonzáles

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/95606919845

LGBTQ+ & The Arts – RM504

Title – Dia De Los Muertos & The Lived Realities of Representation & Identity

Description – In this workshop, joey, Hector Garza, Denise Meda Calderon (tentatively) will host a discussion with attendees about their lived reality with Dia De Los Muertos, whether it is something you have always celebrated or this workshop is your first time learning about it.  The workshop leaders will then help attendees create a mini altar, signifying their own lived reality.  

NOTE:  Please bring at least one photo of significance of a loved one who has passed, if you do not, we will do our best to have a printer on hand to print photos if you have a digital file (even if it is just on your phone).  

Presenters – joey & Hector Garza

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/j/95606919845


Latinx Voices – RM463

Title – Media Identity & Practice in Latinx Popular Culture 

Description – This workshop involves media producers, scholars & journalists who create knowledge in and around Latinx Representation.  

Presenters – Jonathan Guajardo, Steven Hernandez, Kaye Cruz (tentatively), Arturo Camacho, Camila Núñez-Bergsneider

Zoom Link:  https://tamu.zoom.us/s/95687304211


New Media – RM535

Title – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Creating Art

Description – In the 21st century, AI & ML have emerged as tools for creating art for all forms of media, whether on digital canvas, video, audio, virtual reality, augmented reality, the impact is evident.  In this workshops, Mark Solis & John Frazee will cover the latest tools and techniques currently being used.  

Presenters – Mark Solis & John Frazee 

Zoom Link – https://tamu.zoom.us/j/91049362657


4:00pm – 5:00pm Reflections & Take aways